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Lose Stomach with Electrostimulation Belt: Possible?

Lose Stomach with Electrostimulation Belt: Possible?

Are you tired of your love buoys? The sagging stomach, the flabby skin and your muscles which have lost all their tone become a nuisance or even a complex that is increasingly difficult to bear... Would you like to gain a few pant sizes and enjoy a flat stomach? If you are already sporty, you would probably like to find a solution that allows you to sculpt your stomach and treat yourself to ultra sexy chocolate bars!

The electrostimulation belt is THE equipment to have at home to help you sculpt your body and lose belly fat.

Here is our file on this EMS belt, you will find the answer to all your questions to get started with your belt and lose belly fat in a lasting and effective way.

How does an electrostimulation belt work?

The belt is based on the concept of muscle stimulation. Targeted discharges will “force” the muscle to contract.

The control command allows you to choose which mode you want to use as well as the intensity of the discharges. The current then flows to the electrodes placed on your muscles. As the current comes and goes, the muscle contracts and relaxes as during intense effort in the weight room or fitness class.

To choose your belt carefully, you must make sure to check a few important points:

  • The ability to adjust different stimulation intensities and frequencies
  • The possibility of varying the program
  • The belt must be adjustable (adapt to your body shape).

The electro stimulation belt is specially dedicated to the abdomen area. This area is often difficult and painful to work on. Here, it is the belt which works by sending impulses.

Depending on the model, you will find belts that run on batteries, others that use battery technology. They are recharged with a USB socket.

tape measure
Image of an electrostimulation belt for the abdominal area

Why is the belt your best ally for losing belly fat?

Even if the belt alone cannot make you lose weight, it is undoubtedly one of your best assets for losing belly fat.

It helps strengthen your muscles of course, but it also develops the tone of your stomach and refines and sculpts your silhouette. According to some studies, you work 98% of your muscle fiber compared to 60% during an ordinary sports session. The results are therefore there. We generally notice a loss of 5 cm in waist size after 2 months of practice and 5 sessions per week of 20 minutes.

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of your belt, find out in the rest of this article how to use the belt and our advice to best support your weight loss.

How to use your EMS belt?

To properly use an electrostimulation belt , first of all, you must discover your belt, the programs, the modes and the intensity it offers. You will then be able to choose the mode best suited to your profile. Start slowly, then over the sessions, increase the intensity if necessary.

Next, you will need to establish a regular frequency of use if you want to see results. Ideally, we advise you to practice at least 4 times a week. The most effective sessions are those that last at least 20 minutes. You can also practice some fitness, Hiit or aerobic movements during one of your sessions (before or after).

To last in the long term, choose the most suitable place and time carefully so that your session does not become a constraint. It should always remain a pleasure.

After work ? Before taking your shower? During the lunch break ? During your ironing session? At the office in the morning?

Choose the most convenient time to peacefully enjoy your session. If it's at the office, remember to take your belt every 2 days to practice your 20 to 30 min session.

If possible, try to include your toning session twice a week within a 40-minute sports session (fitness or hiit). If you want to avoid the gym, you can always follow YouTube channels to practice at home or in the office very easily.

You can use this diagram:

10 min hiit — 20 min EMS belt — 10 fitness

Don't forget to warm up before and do some stretches afterwards to avoid aches and pains!

What are the advantages of an electrostimulation belt?

Its big point is of course its ease of daily use. No matter where or what activity you are doing, the belt can accompany you.

Despite all the technological advances of the 21st century, we are still running out of time.

With an EMS belt you can work your muscles while you are cleaning, working in the office or watching a series on Netflix! This allows you not to disrupt your schedule for a fitness session. Just include your belt in your daily life.

The second advantage of the belt is its accessibility. Indeed, depending on your body type, your sporting profile or even your age, exercises such as bends or push-ups may be difficult, or even impossible for you. The belt allows you to re-educate your muscles, strengthen them and reshape your silhouette by limiting delicate positions and the intensity of fitness or bodybuilding classes. Thanks to regular exercises, you will strengthen your muscles and refine your figure.

Some tips to put all the chances on your side

You understand, for your belly loss to be effective, the belt can work small miracles, however, without solid support alongside, you will not lose weight.

Healthy lifestyle and food hygiene are the essential pillars of effective and lasting weight loss.

  • Remember to drink regularly and in sufficient quantity, between 1.5 L and 2 L per day
  • Eat balanced
  • Establish food portions adapted to your profile and your daily energy expenditure
  • Practice regular physical activity (at least 30 minutes of walking per day).
  • Do at least 5 EMS sessions per week including 2 sessions including hiit or fitness.

Good session !

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