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What Size to Buy for a Shaping Shorty

What Size to Buy for a Shaping Shorty

Measure your own measurements before buying shaping shorties

Honestly, the most important advice to take away from this article is to always have a tape measure handy when shopping online! In this article we will see the best practices for determining your size before purchasing your shaping shorty .

Take measurements correctly

Get out your measuring tape (if you don't have one, a piece of string and a ruler will do) and place it around your waist, at the narrowest point, which is often just above the navel. Be careful not to tighten too tightly so as not to distort the measurements, and keep the tape measure horizontal. Take a deep breath, exhale normally and read the measurement. There you have your waistline!

Now let's move on to the hip measurement. Place the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips, making sure to include the most prominent part of your buttocks. Again, make sure the tape measure is horizontal and not too tight. And there you have it, you have your hip measurement!

Now that you have your measurements, write it down on your smartphone, it's the best way to always have it at hand.

Consult the manufacturer's size guide

Importance of referring to the manufacturer's specific size guide

After carefully taking your measurements, you can now read the size guide provided by the manufacturer. On our website the size guide for our products can be found below each description. You probably know this, but each brand has different dimensions, the same goes for shaping shorties, which is why we advise you not to rely solely on your usual size, but to check the characteristics carefully before ordering.

Compare your measurements with the size chart provided

Take your precious measurements and compare them to the size chart. This way, you will be able to determine which size of shaping shorty will best suit your body shape and you will not be disappointed when you receive your order.

Choosing the appropriate size for your shaping shorty

Do not take a size too small

So, we all know that the idea of ​​a shaping shorty is to improve the appearance of our silhouette, but be careful not to fall into the trap of choosing a size too small in the hope of obtaining the best possible silhouette thanks to extreme compression!

  • Discomfort and excessive compression: If you opt for a size that is too small, you risk feeling compressed and oppressed. This configuration is not ideal for spending a full day or evening wearing shapewear.
  • Appearance of unwanted folds or bulges: Choosing a shaping shorty that is the wrong size can cause unflattering bulges in areas that are normally smooth. And that's not really the desired effect, is it?

Avoid choosing a size that is too big

Conversely, a size that is too large can also cause a lot of inconvenience. To begin with, the sheathing power will be greatly reduced and in addition the shorty will not stay in place around your body. A model that is too loose is likely to show through your laundry and believe me, it is not at all aesthetically pleasing!

Test different brands and models

Underwear, we agree that you don't only have one? Do the same with the shaping shorty, buy several of different brands and sizes in order to find the perfect model that will perfectly flatter you! Click on the following underlined text to find out: How to choose a girdle shorty .

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