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Lumbar belt prescription: Everything you need to know

Lumbar belt prescription: Everything you need to know

Lumbar belts are medical devices that support and provide protection to the lumbar region in the event of pain, pathologies or prevention. In some cases, they can be prescribed by a doctor , but what about a prescription from a physiotherapist? This article gives you all the answers on the subject.

What is a lumbar belt and what is it for?

This medical device also called lumbar orthosis or lumbar corset, the function of the lumbar belt is to provide lumbar support when necessary. It comes in the form of an elastic or semi-rigid headband, often made of materials such as neoprene, cotton or polyester. The lumbar belt is generally equipped with stays or reinforcements which help maintain the spine in a correct position and relieve the pressure exerted on the intervertebral discs.

It can be indicated in various situations:

  • Acute or chronic lower back pain (lumbago, sciatica, herniated disc, etc.)
  • Post-operative (for example, after spinal surgery)
  • Prevention of lower back injuries for people exposed to significant or repetitive physical effort (carrying heavy loads, working in a prolonged sitting position, etc.)
  • Support during sports practice

Who can prescribe a lumbar belt?

In France, the prescription of a lumbar belt is generally carried out by a general practitioner or specialist ( rheumatologist, neurosurgeon , etc.) following a precise diagnosis and an assessment of the patient's needs. However, physiotherapists , who are health professionals who have undergone specific training in the field of functional rehabilitation and manual therapy, may also be required to prescribe a lumbar belt in certain cases.

Can the physiotherapist prescribe a lumbar belt?

According to French legislation, masseurs-physiotherapists are authorized to carry out certain medical prescriptions, including that of lumbar belts. However, this possibility is subject to specific conditions:

  • The lumbar belt must be prescribed as part of an overall rehabilitation treatment and on prior medical indication.
  • The physiotherapist must ensure the necessity and effectiveness of the device for the patient, taking into account the medical elements provided by the initial prescribing doctor.
  • The prescription must be accompanied by a demonstration and explanations on the correct wearing of the belt, as well as advice on the duration and conditions of use.

It is good to note that only a physiotherapist can carry out this prescription. Other non-medical professionals (osteopath, chiropractor, etc.) are not authorized to prescribe medical devices such as lumbar belts. Please note that when there is a prescription there is potentially a possibility of having a reimbursement for the lumbar belt .

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