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How to be healthy

How to be healthy

Health is essential to keep you fit and help you live a long life. Sometimes you just need to follow a few simple rules to live a healthy life. Do you want to feel better, lose weight or regain energy?  Here are all our tips for being healthy.

First of all, what is health?

Health results from general well-being on a physical, mental and social level. This is what we call “health capital”. An individual should feel good on all levels. Otherwise, there is no longer a harmonious balance between body and mind. If there is an imbalance, the individual is not considered at their best.
For a person to be healthy, their physiological, psychological, sociological and spiritual needs are fulfilled and satisfied. The basic needs of human beings are established according to Maslow's pyramid. Primary needs must be fully met before activating superficial motivations.


Maslow's pyramid

The individual's needs are prioritized according to a very specific timeline. The person must satisfy their so-called essential needs before climbing the ladder. The pyramid should be visualized as a staircase.

1-Physiological needs

To be healthy, you must eat your fill. Appetite varies depending on each person. But the ideal ration is 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Water is essential to the body. It ensures the transport of nutrients to the different cells. Health organizations recommend drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day.

Sexuality is also a primary need. Satisfying your sexual desires and desires is important for maintaining good emotional and especially physical health. Sex helps reduce cardiovascular risks and prevent gynecological cancers.

Rest is essential to staying in shape. You must get enough sleep at night between 7 and 8 hours and allow yourself a short nap of 20 minutes during the day. Firstly, to put your body and your organism at rest. But also to regenerate your vital energy and your brain functions.

The quality of your home plays a role in your health. Your living space should be a healthy and pleasant place to live. You don't have to have a perfectly tidy environment to feel good. You just need to live in thermal comfort, limit noise pollution and reduce potential health risks (mold, asbestos, electromagnetic fields, etc.).

2-The need for security

Everyone needs to feel safe to protect themselves from possible danger. Safety comes from following a routine, a life habit or by recharging your batteries in a familiar place. But also through financial independence and the trust we place in others. Health can be harmed if this need is not met. A lack of security can be the source of anxiety, anxiety, fear or chronic stress.

3- The need to belong

The individual is made to live in community. Each person needs to belong to a social class, a group and a social status. The need to belong is fulfilled when the individual feels understood and listened to by his friends or his work colleagues. Love is also important for maintaining emotional and psychological health. Feeling surrounded and loved is the source of happiness.

4- The need for esteem

Every person needs to feel important and have a goal to achieve their goals. We are talking here about self-worth and recognition. It is therefore essential to set goals to achieve, make plans and realize your dreams. Your challenges may be starting your business, having a child or buying a house. This helps give meaning to your life and maintains your psychological integrity.

5- The need to achieve

To maintain optimal health, you need to break out of your habits from time to time and renew yourself. For example, you can enrich your knowledge by learning a new cooking recipe or reading a book. Or go out to a restaurant to have fun or take a trip to change your scenery. It could also be changing your wardrobe or haircut. It is important to have renewal in your life to combat boredom and maintain personal balance.

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How to preserve your health on a daily basis?

Choose a healthy and balanced diet

Eat healthy and balanced, do not rhyme with deprivation. You can treat yourself from time to time. The important thing is to have varied, regular and balanced meals. The size of the meals must meet your nutritional needs. The daily intake generally depends on your physical activity.

Your diet should be rich in anti-oxidant foods such as eggplant, mango, onion, broccoli, hazelnuts or strawberries. Your dishes should always contain 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 starchy foods and 1/3 proteins. During your snacks, you can eat whole grains, fruits or dairy products.

Alcohol should be consumed in moderation. According to some studies, drinking a glass of wine a day is good for your health. The flavonoids contained in wine help fight the formation of tumors and prevent the mutation of carcinogenic cells.

You must eliminate refined sugar, fried foods, sodas, syrups, cakes and industrial cookies from your diet. To make your purchases, you can refer to the nutri-score. This labeling informs you about the nutritional quality of the product.

Treat yourself with natural solutions
Pharmaceuticals offer us a multitude of medications to treat everyday ailments. But it is entirely possible to treat headaches or digestive disorders with natural remedies. Medications when consumed too regularly are addictive and habit-forming. Furthermore, molecules stagnate in the body, which makes metabolism and organs less efficient.

For example, you can calm your digestive pain by drinking mint tea after your meals or reduce your migraines by applying tiger balm to your forehead and temples. Most plants contain active ingredients similar to drug molecules.

Medications may be used as a last resort for serious infections or illnesses.

Take part in physical activity.

Physical activity helps improve and preserve your health. The average is 2.5 hours per day. This time includes travel and a sporting activity during the day. The best sports for health are swimming, cycling, jogging, yoga and pilates. All these sports help strengthen the muscles and mobilize the entire body.

Practicing physical activity helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure, improve joint and muscular abilities, prevent overweight and obesity and improve heart and respiratory functions. Furthermore, playing sports helps to preserve psychological health by fighting against stress, anxiety and depression.

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Practice meditation

Meditation is a spiritual discipline that promotes mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to control your emotions, release negative thoughts and clear your mind. But also to become aware of our physical sensations and the world around us. Meditation increases the senses and allows you to regain body-mind balance.

In particular, this discipline helps strengthen your immune system, improve your breathing and see your life in a more positive way. Meditation can be practiced before a stressful situation such as a medical appointment, a job interview, and a school exam. Or to start the day with peace of mind or to help you fall asleep if you generally have trouble sleeping.

Meditation helps you maintain your balance both physically and mentally.

Find balance between your personal and professional life

natural balance

Work can sometimes be psychologically and emotionally stressful. A job can be a source of conflict, tension, uncertainty, stress and fatigue. Work can impact health on a physical level (repetitive movements, musculoskeletal disorders, etc.) but also have a mental impact such as exhaustion or burn-out.

Your work, although important to ensure your financial security, should not come before your well-being and have an impact on your daily life. If your job is eating you away, it is important to question yourself and consider retraining and changing jobs.

Don't let your job harm your health.

To conclude, health brings together a set of conditions. It is not enough to drink a liter and a half of water, eat a balanced diet and practice physical activity to be in perfect health. You must include different dimensions in your lifestyle to ensure your balance. The important thing is to satisfy your needs, to treat yourself regularly by respecting the essential instructions and to cultivate positive thinking.

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