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Emilie, 25 years old

After the birth of my daughter, I struggled to feel comfortable with my body. This postpartum girdle not only helped me get back to a figure I like, but it also provided incredible support for my back and abdomen. It is comfortable and discreet under clothes, which allows me to wear it every day. I am so grateful for this support!

Julie, 32 years old

Following my delivery, my doctor advised me to use a postpartum belt to help my uterus recover and support my back. I was a little skeptical, but this belt really worked wonders. It's adjustable, so I can tighten it as my size gets smaller, and it's comfortable enough that I can wear it while caring for my baby. This is a great product to help with postpartum recovery.

Laëtitia, 37 years old

After my second child, I struggled to get back into shape and suffered from lower back pain. This postpartum belt has been a huge help. It gives me the support I need throughout the day and helps my body recover faster. I can wear it under any outfit without it being noticed. I highly recommend this belt to any new mothers looking for some comfort and support after giving birth.

What is a postpartum belt?

A postpartum belt , also called a postpartum belt or abdominal girdle, is a device made from stretchy fabrics that surrounds the new mother's abdomen. Its main role is to provide support to the abdominal muscles and pelvis during the postnatal period.

The different types of postpartum belts

There are several types of postpartum belts adapted to the varied needs of new mothers:

  • Basic elastic waistband : Easy to put on and provides moderate support, mainly for light abdominal support.
  • Adjustable sheath : Has hooks or velcro strips to allow a personalized adjustment according to the evolution of the body.
  • Combination Belt : Designed to support both the abdomen, back and pelvis, providing overall support.

The benefits of postpartum belts

Using a postpartum belt has several specific benefits:

Optimal abdominal support

After childbirth, the abdominal muscles may be stretched and weakened. The belt helps restore shape and strength to these muscles by keeping them firm and stabilized.

Reduced back pain

Many women experience back pain after childbirth due to the change in posture and the additional strain on the back muscles. Postpartum belts provide additional support to the lower back , thereby reducing this discomfort.

Helps reduce edema

Wearing a postpartum girdle can help reduce swelling (edema) related to fluid buildup in the abdomen and around the uterus, aiding postnatal recovery.

Tips for use and practical recommendations

To reap all the benefits of the postpartum belt, here are some essential tips:

Choosing the right size

Measure your waistline right after giving birth and follow the size guides provided by the manufacturers to find the one that will fit you perfectly.

Prioritize comfort

Opt for a model made from soft, breathable materials to avoid skin irritation and ensure comfortable wear throughout the day.

Consult a specialist

Before you start wearing a postpartum girdle, consult your midwife or doctor for personalized recommendations tailored to your postnatal physical condition.

Differences between the postpartum belt and other support devices

It is important to differentiate postpartum belts from other support devices such as traditional corsets or commonly used abdominal girdles:

Functions and objectives

  • Postpartum belts are designed specifically to support postnatal recovery with a design focused on maternal comfort.
  • Corsets generally aim to shape and sculpt the silhouette without special consideration for postpartum physical needs.
  • Common abdominal girdles provide generic support without specifically addressing postnatal conditions requiring special care.
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