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What is the Most Effective Abdominal Belt in 2023

What is the Most Effective Abdominal Belt in 2023

What are the different types of abdominal belts

First of all, it is important to know that there are several types of abdominal belts with very different functions. In order to make the study as relevant as possible, we will first determine which type is the most effective and then end up presenting you with a top 5 models that fall into this category.

Electrostimulation abdominal belt

The electrostimulation abdominal belt uses a light electrical discharge to work the abdominal muscles. The main objective of these belts is to strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve their tone. Its effectiveness in building the user's muscles and eliminating fat is measured over several weeks and its results are lasting. Average price: €80.

Abdominal sweat belt

The abdominal sweat belt has the function of increasing body temperature and promoting the production of abundant sweat in the lower torso. The main purpose of these belts is to help eliminate toxins and excess water. Its effectiveness is measured after a few hours of use. Its results on weight loss are quite short-lived, the device does not produce any muscle gains. Average price: €40.

Sheathing slimming belt

The role of the slimming shaper belt is to refine the body in order to have a smoother and slender silhouette. This model acts exactly like a girdle so has no beneficial effect on weight loss or fitness. Its effectiveness in shaping the silhouette can be measured instantly, but you should not expect to tone up or lose weight with this product. Average price: €30.

Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of an abdominal belt

Effectiveness in making the body toned

Only the electrostimulation abdominal belt can make the body toned. The other two genres are therefore eliminated on this criterion.

Effectiveness in burning fat

  1. Electrostimulation abdominal belt helps to lose fat in the long term, thanks to muscle development which increases the body's caloric expenditure
  2. Abdominal sweat belt, slightly promotes the elimination of fat in the short term by increasing body temperature. This abdominal belt is effective for losing belly fat .

The slimming belt does not help the body burn fat so it is eliminated on this criterion.

Comfort and ease of use

  1. Sheathing slimming belt
  2. Abdominal sweat belt
  3. Electrostimulation abdominal belt (depending on the user's sensitivity to electrical impulses)

Cost and value for money

  1. Sheathing slimming belt (€30, effective for instantly shaping the silhouette)
  2. Abdominal sweating belt (40€, temporary results on weight loss)
  3. Electrostimulation abdominal belt (80€, lasting results for muscle strengthening and long-term fat elimination)

Verdict: the most effective abdominal belt model according to these criteria

The electrostimulation abdominal belt turns out to be the most effective among the three types presented, because it helps tone the abdominal muscles and burn fat in the long term. Although it is slightly less comfortable than other options due to the electrical impulses and more expensive, it is still superior value for money due to its long-lasting results.

Top 4 electrostimulation abdominal belts

  1. Sport-Elec Multisport Pro MAXIBELT (€250): Offers the highest power, 94 training programs, 100 intensity levels, programs dedicated to relaxation, drainage and massages. Works with a rechargeable lithium battery.
  2. Form Belt (€49): 6 programs and 10 intensity levels, rechargeable by USB. Lightweight, portable and easy to use, with 3 auxiliary devices to strengthen the arms and abdominal muscles. 20 minutes a day to get results in a few weeks.
  3. Slendertone Abs 8 (€190): Allows you to tone all abdominal muscles, 10 training programs (including 3 active), 100 intensity levels. Suitable for waist sizes from 61 cm to 107 cm. Visible results in 4 weeks with 5 EMS sessions of 30 minutes per week.
  4. Beurer EM37 (€49): Works with 4 water electrodes, adapts to waist sizes from 70 cm to 140 cm, 5 training programs and 40 intensity levels. Suitable for firming the central and lateral abdominal muscles.

Comparison table of the most effective abdominal belts

Belt Price Programs Intensity Levels Additional Features Food
Sport-Elec Multisport Pro MAXIBELT 250€ 94 100 Relaxation, drainage, massages Rechargeable lithium battery
Form Belt 49€ 6 10 3 auxiliary devices for arms and abdominals USB rechargeable
Slendertone Abs 8 190€ 10 (including 3 active) 100 Complete abdominal toning Rechargeable battery
Beurer EM37 49€ 5 40 4 water electrodes 3 1.5 volt AAA batteries

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