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Weighted push-ups to optimize your training

Weighted push-ups to optimize your training

In the world of bodybuilding, weighted push-ups are a great way to increase the intensity of your workouts. These exercises consist of performing push-ups with additional weight on the body, in order to put more strain on the muscles and thus promote their development. In this article, find out how to weight yourself to do push-ups, what equipment to use and what are the advantages of this practice.

How to weight yourself to do weighted push-ups?

To weight yourself when doing push-ups, there are several methods and equipment that you can use:

  1. The weighted vest: This accessory is specially designed to add weight to your torso during your bodybuilding exercises. There are several models of weighted vests, adjustable according to the desired load. They allow uniform weight distribution and ensure good support during exercise.
  2. Backpacks filled with weights: A simple and inexpensive method is to use a sturdy backpack that you can fill with various heavy objects such as dumbbells, weighted ankle straps or even water bottles. However, make sure that the weight is well distributed and maintained to avoid any imbalance or discomfort during the exercise.
  3. Weight plates: You can also use weight plates that you place on your back, holding them with your hands or attaching them to a vest or belt. Be sure to secure the load to prevent it from sliding during exercise.
  4. The training partner: If you have a training partner, he or she can sit or lie on your back to add weight during your push-ups. Make sure it is positioned stable and comfortable for both of you.
  5. Bodybuilding elastics: It is also possible to weight yourself using bodybuilding elastics, to do this, wrap each end of the elastic around your hands then raise your arms to press the elastic against your back . To finish you will just have to do your push-ups.

The benefits of weighted pumps

Incorporating weighted push-ups into your training program has several benefits:

  • Increased difficulty: By adding weight to your push-up exercises, you increase the resistance and therefore the difficulty of the exercise, which allows you to use your muscles more and improve their development.
  • Faster progression: Thanks to the increase in difficulty, weighted push-ups make it possible to accelerate progress in bodybuilding compared to classic push-ups. This is because adding weight forces your muscles to adapt and strengthen to lift this extra load.
  • Works different muscle groups: Weighted push-ups engage a greater amount of muscle fibers, particularly the stabilizer muscles that work to maintain balance in the body. This helps develop better coordination and overall strengthening of the upper body.
  • Variety of exercises: Depending on the added weight and hand position, you can vary the weighted push-up exercises to target different muscle groups. For example, by spreading or bringing your hands together, you will work more on the pectorals or triceps respectively.

Tips for performing weighted push-ups

To take full advantage of the benefits of weighted pumps, here are some tips to follow:

  • Start gradually: If you're new to weighted push-ups, start with a light weight and gradually increase it as you gain strength and endurance.
  • Maintain good technique: It is essential to maintain correct posture when performing weighted push-ups. Be sure to keep your back straight, abs contracted and shoulders aligned to avoid any risk of injury.
  • Warm up: As with any workout, it's important to warm up before doing weighted push-ups. Choose dynamic warm-up exercises such as jumping jacks, knee raises or arm rotations to prepare your muscles and joints for the effort.
  • Alternate with other exercises: To avoid stagnation and promote harmonious muscle development, do not hesitate to supplement your training program with other bodyweight or strength training exercises, such as pull-ups, dips or squats.

Mistakes to avoid when practicing weighted push-ups

To optimize your results and reduce the risk of injury when performing weighted push-ups, be aware of the following common mistakes:

  • Allow the back to sag: Be sure to maintain a straight, rigid posture throughout the exercise. If you feel your back starting to sag, this may be a sign that the weight is too heavy or that fatigue is setting in. In this case, adjust the weight or take a break.
  • Neglecting breathing: Breathing plays an important role in performance and recovery. Inhale on your way down and exhale on your way up when performing your weighted push-ups.
  • Do not vary the exercises: To use all the muscle groups in the upper body, do not hesitate to vary the hand positions and the type of push-ups performed (diamond push-ups, wide push-ups, etc.).
  • Using inappropriate equipment: Make sure you use weights appropriate for your level and quality accessories to avoid any injury or discomfort during exercise.

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In conclusion, weighted push-ups are an excellent method to increase the difficulty and variety of your workouts and thus promote faster muscle development. Don't forget to follow the advice previously mentioned and gradually adapt the weight used according to your progress.

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