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How to feel better

How to feel better

I myself admit that I had difficulty finding myself in this crowd of daily needs and problems. Everything was jostling in my head and suddenly, I was overwhelmed by a total blur. Chores, kids, work, etc. In short, everything seemed to be going wrong while my greatest thirst is to be able to feel better in my life despite all of this. My only trigger was my will. Yes, my will not to give up. So I started to focus on one thing at a time. But since concentration does not come easily, I had to resort to meditation. At first, I dissipated easily, but after just a few days, I began to have a taste for the true meaning of my life. I started to feel better and better. But meditation is just one of several tricks I want you to try, recognition in this case.

Now I would like to share my experience with you so that you, in turn, can enjoy your life to the fullest. Also, my advice is as follows:

Be grateful in all circumstances

One evening, after work, I was in very bad shape. I was too tired and tired of always doing the same things every day. But aware that elsewhere, there are many people who want to experience what I experience, to have the opportunity to work like me; I figured I should be pretty grateful. Grateful to be healthy, to have a decent job. I then started to take a notebook where I wrote down all the little things that I should have given more value to. For my part, I noticed the little jokes that my daughters tell, their stupidities and their giggles. I also took note of my highlights with my husband, my colleagues. Since then, every evening, I take time to write in my notebook all these little things and the little attentions that people give me. I reread everything before bed, it helps me get good sleep. I know you can do it too, it's not difficult at all.

Take time to meditate

Meditation is the best way to focus and calm your mind. As I told you before, such a practice may seem more arduous at first. But with a little help, I'm sure you'll do just fine.

A meditation session won't take up your whole day. Just a few minutes are enough to calm your mind. I meditate every morning, right after I get up. This allows me to be ready for my new day. And I admit that after just a few weeks of meditation, I really felt serenity and well-being. So, I go on and on.

But you can also meditate in the evening. In this case, you can review your entire day and take stock.

Adopt a “positive attitude”

You have certainly heard “positive attitude” somewhere. Well these are not utopian terms. Rather, it is a way of appreciating life. First, you should recognize that life is a constant learning process. No one can boast of knowing everything at a given time, each new day offers us new things to learn, new opportunities to seize. Therefore, if you have failed somewhere, avoid giving up. Instead, look for the positive point that this failure brought.

I'll tell you my experience: I took a test to get a promotion and I failed. The moment the boss told me that I had failed, everything seemed to collapse around me. I worked very hard to get here. And then, after two hours of lamentation, I focused my vision on the things I could have missed if I had gotten the promotion, namely the sports day with my daughters. I realized that the more responsible I am, the more time I have to devote to my work, to the detriment of my family. Even though it's for her that I do all this. That was my comfort, and that’s also true, right?

Then stop complaining all the time. Problems are inherent in life. Everyone faces their share of pain. This doesn't mean you have to spend your day complaining. Know that complaining uses more energy and tenses your facial muscles. On the other hand, if you choose to think about the solution instead, your smile will return to you without delay. Afterwards, smiling makes us more charming!

Finally, compliment yourself on every good thing you accomplish. One day, I helped my neighbor move. It may not be much, but it's something. I was only too happy to be able to help her; and just thinking about it makes me feel useful.

So give it a try, it's not complicated.

Have a moment of relaxation every now and then

By relaxation, I mean a moment of relaxation. Get some fresh air. To do this, you can take a nice bike ride for example. You can also leave the house and rest in the garden or opt for a vibrating massaging belt.

vibrating belt category

With my youngest daughter, I am used to taking the dog out every weekend, it helps to invigorate me and clear my brain. After days of work, who doesn't need a breath of fresh air?

You too can do it, your way. If you prefer sport, do it. Sport is one of the best ways to work the body. And it is just as essential to balance body and mind.  Indeed, a healthy body inhabits a serene mind and vice versa. So don't miss this moment of pleasure and relaxation.

These few tips that I have listed do not cost a fortune in terms of money but they have made me feel better. So I left the me before to make way for who I am today, positive, serene, fulfilled. And if I succeeded, why not you?

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