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How to lose weight

How to lose weight

Losing weight can seem simple and complex at the same time because each person is different, each person will react differently to a program. The objective of this article is not to be a tip for losing weight, it is to provide advice that will allow you to make your own weight loss program adapted especially for you or to choose the best accessory such as a belt. slimming to lose belly fat quickly.

We advise you to read this article carefully, favorite it and share it! Because some organizations and companies whose business is based on weight loss will not want you to know all this for free...

Know your morphotype

First of all, it is important to know your morphotype, because depending on the morphotype  the weight loss program will have to be different. In broad terms these 3 morphotypes are  :

-Endomorph: People who tend to gain weight easily.

-Ectomorph: Those who tend to be naturally thin and lose weight quickly.

-Mesomorph: This category is people who are more muscular than average without practicing sport, they also gain muscle more easily and quickly by practicing fitness for example.

But what makes it complicated is that in practice, it happens that there is a mix of two of these morphotypes, it will then be necessary to combine several strategies to achieve your objective, for example:

-If you are an endomorph, you will need to be careful about snacking, avoid starchy foods in the evening, do more physical activity, etc.

-Mesomorphs and endomorphs can simply reduce sugary foods and exercise more to lose weight.

These are simple explanations that we will explore in more detail later.

By continuing to read, you will have everything you need to succeed in your weight loss and become an expert on the subject.

Basic metabolism

Calorie is the value scale for your basal metabolism.

As a reminder, the calorie is a unit of energy for the proper functioning of your body to popularize the thing, the calorie is your fuel!

On average, it is estimated that a woman needs 1500 calories, a man 2000. We emphasize that this is an average! In addition, each activity you do consumes a number of calories. It is important to remember that this is the main parameter where action must be taken to lose weight.

Let's take for example, your body consumes 1500 calories per day, you eat for 1200 calories, results you will lose weight, you eat for 2000 kcal per day you gain weight, it's as simple as that.

To lose 1kg (of fat) you must have a deficit of 9000 calories... here is why miracle diets like “lose 3 kilos in 3 days” do not work and will never work!

So before starting a diet, we advise you to calculate your daily calorie needs to do this, you must:

-Eat the same foods for several days and carefully monitor each calorie.

-Vary and weigh the doses on your plate every day.

-Weigh yourself every morning, if your weight remains stable for two days in a row, note the number of calories you consumed the day before, this value is your basic metabolism.

So to return to the previous point on morphotypes, an ectomorph often has a high basic metabolism (due to its nervous system), it will burn more calories even when exercising a low activity compared to an endomorph whose basic metabolism turns a a little more in “slow motion”.

The mindset for a successful diet

What no one will ever tell you is that the most important thing when you start losing weight is your state of mind. Keep your motivation as long as possible because losing weight is not a sprint but a marathon, if you do a sprint you will have what is called a “Yoyo effect”.

How to stay motivated?

1) Set goals: A weight goal or a height goal. For the size objective we advise you to buy a pretty, fairly expensive piece of clothing in the target size. This will force you to maintain your efforts.

2) Have a why: Know why you do it, want to please or simply be in good health. The stronger your why, the more successful you will be in staying motivated and achieving your goal.

3) Practice visualization: Imagine yourself thinner and feel the satisfaction and happiness that this will bring you. At every difficult moment do this.

4) Having those around you who encourage you: Loved ones who support you can also be decisive in the success of your goal

5) Make a pact: A pact with the devil? No, let’s see! A pact with yourself and those around you. Write your numerical weight loss goal on a sheet of paper that you keep by your bedside and tell as many people as possible that you want to lose weight.

6) Forget bad beliefs: lose weight quickly in a week, lose weight very quickly or even lose belly fat quickly, you should remove these phrases from your mind.

In general, the weight you have is solely your fault, so pull yourself together and follow our advice!

The strategy for lasting weight loss

As a reminder, to lose weight you just need to provide less energy than your body needs (low-calorie diet) but to avoid the sprint or yoyo effect you must not do anything!

Extremes are never good so if you go from ketchup paste every day to just salad it's not going to work! You must gradually reduce the number of calories you consume until the next stagnation, we will give you an example to make it clear:

-You are a woman who has a basic metabolism with a calorie requirement of 1700 (so far ok?), to start losing weight you will go to 1600 calories (to achieve this you can just reduce the quantities on your plate, replace the snack with a fruit etc…this pushes you to consume fewer calories without much effort) and you weigh yourself every morning. As long as your weight decreases you stay at 1600 calories! Once you start to stagnate you go down to 1500 calories until you reach your ideal weight.

Weight loss will take longer but will be more effective.

The mistake not to make

Losing weight quickly and well seems like a utopia, reducing your calories too quickly by following a too strict diet is the biggest mistake you can make.

Certainly in the short term you will lose weight very quickly, it is undeniable but the human body is very well made unfortunately... If you go from 2000 calories to 500 calories the body will not understand what is happening and will restrict itself directly. Your body's primary goal is to survive, not to look good, so it will deliberately suppress your basal metabolism. In addition, during restrictive periods, the body will consume muscle to provide energy which will result in a lighter weight on the scale because less muscle but the fat will still be there.

To illustrate everything, here is an example: Before you had a metabolism of 1700 calories, after 2 weeks of a calorie deficit of 500 calories, your basic metabolism will end up at 1300 calories... so when you start eating normally again you will gain a lot of weight faster compared to before... Yes it's scary but it's real. This explains the yoyo effect.

Another mistake is thinking that you can target fat loss by playing with nutrition. A diet to have a flat stomach does not exist because we cannot control where the loss of fat mass will take place.

In addition, we also recommend that you avoid snacking between meals and ban high-protein diets because this contributes to the yo-yo effect in addition to not being good for the kidneys.

Sport to lose weight

Although it is possible to lose weight without exercise, it gives a real boost and has the advantage of toning and firming your body.

Doing sport forces your body to need more fuel (calories) to accomplish the mission you give it. It is a particular lever that allows you to lose weight without fundamentally changing your eating habits. What sport should you practice to lose a lot of calories? Jogging (hiit), skipping rope, boxing or even swimming are sports to lose weight because they are very energy-intensive, they will allow you to burn a large quantity of calories at the moment.

You can also opt for a sports program to lose weight.

Or there is another method that we much prefer because it allows the body to burn more calories at rest.

The method is simple, it just involves increasing your basic metabolism through muscle development.

Indeed in the basic metabolism equation we find:

Brain + Muscle + Vital function = your calorie requirement at rest.

We can easily act on the muscles by developing the fibers which allow them to gain strength, volume and endurance. To do this, you just need to do fitness and bodybuilding. This explains why a mesomorph gains weight less easily than an endomorph because he naturally has a good muscular base.

Diet and nutrition

This may be the point that you are waiting for the most but in truth we are going to make an extension of the “strategy for sustainable weight loss” part because there is indeed no magic food for losing weight. It is entirely possible to lose weight by eating only rice as long as you stay below the number of calories your body needs. However, be careful with fat because its volume/calorie ratio is high.

As for sugar (carbohydrate) to lose weight, it should be avoided like the plague!

In fact, this element complicates our thesis because the more you eat, the stronger the blood sugar peak will be. Insulin will help regulate blood sugar levels. To achieve this, insulin will therefore be forced to transform sugar directly into fat. Fat storage will take place in the stomach, thighs, and hips creating bulges.

So in the case of a diet, it will also be necessary at all costs to avoid foods that have a high glycemic index such as sodas at each meal, fries, baked potatoes, bread, pastries, etc. You should take good eating habits, drink your coffee or tea without sugar.

However, be careful with food supplements such as appetite suppressants and fat burners that promise to help you get a flat stomach and lose your body fat, they are not effective, their effects are very minimal on fat burning. Instead, choose cabbage soup, guarana, real green tea, lemon juice, etc.

Water retention

Approximately 65% ​​of the human body is made up of water, which corresponds to 65 kilos of water for a man who weighs 100 kilos... It can happen to have a surplus of water in the body because of what we call water. Water retention. This happens when we don't drink enough water, when we have excess salt in our diet, prolonged sitting or standing or it can be linked to health problems.

Acting on the pillar of water retention can give you quick and easy weight loss of your excess kilos on the scale, you just need to drink at least 1L5 of water per day or even make yourself sweat thanks to sport, sauna or sweating belts.

Intermittent fasting

Fasting is a very ancient practice that was once often imposed by religions. This detox practice consists of not eating anything for 12 to 24 hours in a row; the longer the time, the more effective it will be. Doing intermittent fasting can have several benefits. One of the first benefits is to purify your body. It also helps regulate appetite and reduce the risk of obesity. You will also be able to lose a few pounds. If you decide to do intermittent fasting, consult your doctor.

In conclusion

Losing weight without gaining weight is the biggest challenge when committing to a diet. Indeed, to lose weight effectively, you will have to lose weight gradually, not deprive yourself but above all rebalance your diet, ensuring that your macronutrient intake is good.

In addition, to lose weight naturally and effectively, you should act on several parameters, the work must be done in a meticulous manner while having careful monitoring initially. To successfully maintain your weight it will be a question of habit because you should eat good foods until the end of your life so as not to gain weight again after losing weight so as not to be overweight. By applying this guide you will stay in shape for a long time.

We also recommend using a calorie counter app like myfitnesspal.

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