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How to lose thighs

How to lose thighs

Depending on your body shape and genetics, you may tend to gain centimeters in your thighs . Do you want to refine your legs and shape your silhouette? Here are some tips to apply to lose thighs.

The importance of diet

A balanced diet is the fundamental key to helping you slim down your thighs. The excess fat you store in your thighs comes from the foods you eat during your meals. It is essential to implement a dietary rebalancing by favoring the consumption of foods low in calories and rich in water.

To lose weight effectively and sustainably, any diet whatsoever should be avoided. Mono-diets, low-calorie cures or water diets tire your metabolism and disrupt your digestive functions. In a situation of undernutrition, your body will draw on reserves to provide the body with the energy it needs.

This is great because you will lose weight quickly . Except that subsequently, by continuing to maintain a poor diet your metabolism will rest and assimilate food much more slowly.
The drop in metabolic activity causes difficulty in losing the remaining kilos.

Despite your best efforts, your weight will stagnate. This situation will quickly demotivate you and you will therefore return to your old habits.
Very often, stopping a diet results in weight regain. You will start again and always get the same results over and over again.

You don't need to go on a diet or starve yourself to lose weight. On the other hand, it is preferable to favor a dietary rebalancing.

Paying attention to your diet gives you the opportunity to consume everything , but while respecting a few simple instructions. To begin with, no meal of the day should be skipped and all your meals should be balanced.
In the morning, take the time to prepare breakfast.

Don't go to work on an empty stomach. A balanced breakfast consists of a hot sugar-free drink (tea, herbal tea, coffee, etc.), a dairy product, a supply of whole grains (oatmeal, cornflakes, wholemeal bread) and 'a fruit.

At lunchtime and in the evening, your meals should contain a portion of protein, a portion of starchy foods and a portion of vegetables. You can complete your meals with a starter of raw vegetables and a dairy product. It is best to avoid refilling and snacking between meals . On the other hand, you can definitely have a snack in the morning at 10:00 a.m. and in the afternoon at 4:00 p.m. by eating a piece of fruit.

The important thing in your dietary rebalancing is to respect the daily nutritional intake according to your activity during the day. For example, a sedentary person should consume no more than 1800 calories per day. While an active person can consume 2000 to 2200 calories per day.

If you want to speed up fat burning . You can include low-calorie foods in your meals:

  • Fruits: rhubarb, watermelon, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, quince, lemon, cranberry and apricot;
  • Vegetables: asparagus, chard, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, spinach, green beans, pepper, pumpkin and radish;
  • Meat: chicken breast, beef fillet, entrecôte, veal escalope and filet mignon, fish: sole, hen, sea bream and hake;

Your diet must be accompanied by substantial hydration in order to promote the elimination and purgation of the body. Unfortunately, it is impossible to directly target the thighs with a suitable diet. Fat loss in the legs will depend on the actions you take to reduce your thigh circumference.

Tomato legs
Physical exercises to strengthen the thighs

Playing sports will allow you to refine your silhouette and reshape parts of your body, particularly your thighs. Today, there are quick exercises to do in your daily life to boost fat loss in the legs.

It is preferable to choose sports that work the whole body in order to have a harmonious body balance. But you can emphasize exercises that work the two main muscles of the thighs: the quadriceps and the hamstrings.

Recommended sports are rope jumping and squats. Jumping rope is a cardio activity that hits directly into fatty tissue.

Jumping rope for 15 minutes a day is equivalent to 30 minutes of running.

As for squats , they help strengthen and firm the thighs. You can do 4 sets of 15 repetitions every day with 30 seconds of recovery.
The important thing is to exercise regularly to push your body to draw its energy from reserves.

You can complement squats and jump rope with swimming, cycling, or walking. These sports are gentler, but allow you to work the entire body while avoiding wasting muscle mass.
It is important to hydrate well by consuming water before during and after each exercise to reduce the risk of pain and aches in the muscles and to eliminate toxins in the joints.

During your exercises, you can wear leggings to sculpt your legs and reduce orange peel skin . Leggings can be worn under your sports outfit. The heat will increase body temperature and burn calories. This bodily reaction will help you lose weight more quickly in the thighs.

see belt to strengthen thighs
Sweating belts to lose weight on your thighs

Sports bands can be applied to the arms, stomach, but also the thighs. This accessory allows you to target the areas you want to work on. Sweat belts are usually made of neoprene. This fabric releases heat and makes the body sweat.

The friction caused during your physical activities will stimulate blood circulation and promote the elimination of toxins and waste. The sweat belt helps fight water retention, orange peel skin and cellulite. By using it daily, your skin will become firmer and more toned.

see thigh slimming belts

Self-massage to reduce dimpling

Self-massage is an ally to effectively combat fat on the thighs. It helps in particular to fight against oxidative stress by renewing the cells of the epidermis. Manipulating your skin will also help boost body fluids to eliminate organic waste . Your skin will be healthier and better oxygenated.

Self-massage on the thighs and throughout the body has the effect of breaking down fat to better eliminate it and working on adipose tissue. As a result, you will have less cellulite and orange peel skin.
Its benefits are numerous. It also allows you to:

  • improve the tone and suppleness of the skin;
  • reduce cramps, aches or muscle tension;
  • improve mobility and flexibility of joints;
  • reduce dimples;
  • firm the skin with a smoother appearance;
  • maintain muscle mass;
  • avoid the feeling of heavy legs;
  • improve the tone of muscles and joints;

Self-massage is therefore essential in your program. You can either use rollers or use your hands. The massage is performed for 10 to 15 minutes morning and evening in order to see results more quickly.

Here is how to perform a massage on the thighs:

On previously oiled skin, start with a gentle massage using fluid, circular movements. This gesture will warm your muscles and prepare your skin to receive a more technical massage.

The most effective method is palpation and rolling . Raise your leg on a chair or the edge of your shower and then begin to massage the outer part of your thigh. Pinch your skin with all of your fingers and make a fold from the bottom to the top. The skin should form a wave. Then, repeat the same gesture on the upper part of the thigh from the knee to the groin, finishing on the inner side from the bottom to the top of the buttocks.

Palpating and rolling helps to unclog the tissues, remove fatty deposits and combat water retention. Your first massages may be slightly painful. This is due to the accumulation of water and toxins in the tissues. The massage will become more pleasant over time.
When you have lost enough thighs, it is important to continue the massages to prevent the fat from becoming lodged again in the adipocytes.

Herbal medicine for fat loss in the thighs

Essential oils

Essential oils have various properties, including benefits for weight loss. They can be very useful to you in the context of your loss of waistline in the thigh area. Atlas cedar essential oil is unconditionally the best for promoting the elimination of fat .

Its powerful lypolytic property delays the deposition of lipids in adipose tissues and accelerates metabolism to promote the elimination of fat. Atlas cedar also helps drain toxins and excess water contained in the skin thanks to its lymphotonic properties.

Furthermore, atlas cedar essential oil promotes skin regeneration. As a result, you will have less dimpling and smoother-looking skin.

Its use is simple , just mix 2 drops of atlas cedar with a teaspoon of apricot kernel vegetable oil. Then you can apply it by hand to your entire thighs. This essential oil is not suitable for pregnant women or people with epilepsy.

Please note, an essential oil should never be used alone. You should always mix it with a vegetable oil such as sunflower, olive, coconut oil, etc. to limit the risk of irritation or itching.
Apricot kernel vegetable oil is the most recommended, because it reinforces the action of essential oils.

This preparation is ideal for your daily self-massage.

essential oil
Herbal teas

Your body needs water to lose weight. First of all, because water purifies and cleanses the body and increases the functioning of your metabolism. Your body will burn calories faster.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to drink 1.5 liters or even 2 liters per day. Especially if you don't tend to drink a lot during the day.
You can replace your sodas, syrups or fruit juices with iced herbal teas or teas.

For example, green tea has purifying, draining and detoxifying properties. You can already start consuming 3 cups a day with a little honey if you wish.

You can also prepare an iced herbal tea made from red fruits. Strawberries and raspberries are ideal for weight loss. They increase the feeling of satiety and help maintain good blood sugar levels.

Here is the recipe:

In a liter of boiling water, infuse 20 grams of raspberry leaves and 20 grams of strawberry leaves. Leave to infuse for 15 to 20 minutes then remove from the heat. Pour the contents into a carafe then add a few tablespoons of brown sugar and a lemon zest.

This drink is enjoyed with ice cubes and whole strawberries and raspberries.

During your snacks , if you are not a fan of chewing whole fruits. You can consume vegetable or fruit smoothies by replacing animal milk with plant-based milk such as hazelnut, coconut or even vanilla milk.

In conclusion, to lose thighs, you must:

• promote dietary rebalancing;

• practice a sporting activity regularly by choosing suitable exercises;

• use accessories;

• pamper your skin by practicing frequent self-massage;

• use natural solutions;

And above all, keep your confidence and stay motivated! If you sometimes feel moments of weakness, you can call on a sports coach. This professional will help you achieve your goals.

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