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How to Choose a Shaping Shorty in 2023

How to Choose a Shaping Shorty in 2023

The different shapes of shaping shorties

High waist shorty

The high-waisted shapewear shorty is one of the most popular styles of shapewear. It is characterized by its surface which encompasses the waist and the stomach, thus offering support and good compression on several points which allows the user to have a flatter stomach. They can often be worn discreetly under a short dress, skirt or pants.

Long shorty

The long shorty, also called " bib shorty ", looks exactly like a cyclist. This model is designed to provide support and compression not only in the abdomen, but also in the thighs. This model is particularly useful for women looking to slim their legs while enjoying the traditional sculpting benefits of a shapewear. The long shorty is a versatile option that can be worn under long dresses or pants.

Choose shaping shorts according to your body shape

In order to choose the best shaping shorty for you, you must know your body shape perfectly in order to have the best results on your body.

  • A-shaped body shape: Women with an A-shaped body shape can buy high-waisted shaping shorties, which offer support to the stomach and hips, while highlighting their marked waist. A model with targeted compression zones on the hips and thighs can also be beneficial for slimming these areas.
  • H morphology: For the H morphology, you can opt for a classic shaping shorty like we offer on this site. Models with targeted compression zones on the stomach and hips will help create a slightly curvier silhouette.
  • V-shaped morphology: People with a V-shaped morphology can benefit from high-waisted shaping shorties, which will provide support for the stomach and highlight the waist. A shapewear model with targeted compression on the hips can also help balance the silhouette. Do not take the mid-length model
  • X shape: The X shape is naturally balanced, and a high-waisted model is great for accentuating natural curves. A model with uniform compression zones on the stomach, hips and thighs is recommended to maintain the balance of the figure.
  • O shape: A high-waisted shaping shorty is generally recommended

Choose your shorty according to the occasion

Daily: comfort and discretion

For daily use, the shaping shorty is a good alternative to the girdle because it combines comfort and discretion. Opt for models made from soft, breathable fabrics, such as cotton or microfiber, which allow sufficient air circulation and prevent irritation. Discretion is also important to prevent lingerie from leaving unattractive marks under your clothes. Seamless or fine-edged styles are ideal for everyday wear, as they blend easily under your outfits without creating demarcations.

Special events: reinforced support and sculpting effect

During special events, such as weddings or parties, you can look for a shorty or even a shapewear to have a stronger and pronounced sculpting effect. For maximum comfort, high-waisted shapewear shorties are often recommended for these occasions, as they provide optimal support, offer a flat stomach and highlight natural curves.

Sports activities: lightness and breathability

For sports, fitness, etc... take shapewear that offers both lightness and breathability. Microfiber fabrics are really good for sporting activities, because they allow you to be comfortable and not be bothered by perspiration.

To go further, it is very important to choose the right dimensions in order to make the accessory effective. Click on the following underlined text to find out: How to choose the size of a shaping shorty .

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