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How to have a flat stomach with a girdle

How to have a flat stomach with a girdle

Selection of an ideal girdle for a flat stomach

There are many types of girdles to have a flat stomach , to make your choice easier, we recommend 2 solutions:

  • The sheath for losing weight thanks to its special fabric
  • The classic model that everyone knows

Each solution offers its own specificities, in this article we will see the best ways to exploit them to allow you to have a flat stomach .

Techniques to optimize sheath use

For the special weight loss sheath

The weight loss sheath draws its effectiveness from its neoprene fabric which increases the user's body temperature by creating a sauna effect. This encourages the production of sweat, the elimination of toxins and helps reduce water retention and therefore refine the silhouette.

  1. Physical activity: To get the most out of your sweat sheath, wear it for cardio (treadmill, boxing, jogging, etc.). The sheath increases body temperature and promotes profuse sweating during your session, which eliminates excess water stored by the body and promotes the elimination of fat.
  2. Combination with a healthy and balanced diet: Although this type of accessory can help eliminate excess water and toxins, it does not replace a healthy and balanced diet. To achieve long-lasting results, combine the use of the sweat sheath with a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.

For the sculpting sheath

To properly “hide” your belly, we recommend that you opt for a rubber sheath that attaches with a hook. Indeed, these models are often available with different compression levels. In order to have a flat stomach, we therefore recommend that you choose a model that has at least one possible adjustment in 3 rows so you will have a more personalized fit for your body shape. On the other hand, this sheath only gives results in the moment, so it is not a way to have a flat stomach in the medium and long term. For more information on this subject click on the following underlined text to find out: How does a slimming sheath work .

  1. Put on the sheath correctly: As indicated, start putting on the sheath from the bottom, gradually moving it upwards. Avoid pulling too hard to avoid damaging the product and ensuring a comfortable fit.
  2. Highlighting the neckline: To lengthen the silhouette and draw attention away from the abdominal area, focus on a neckline. Wear shirts with the top button unbuttoned or opt for V-necks.
  3. Use of dark colors: Dark colors, such as black, navy blue or dark gray, have a slimming effect on the silhouette. Pair your slimming sheath with dark-colored clothing to further accentuate the flat stomach effect.
  4. Fit of clothing: Prefer clothing that is slightly fitted, but not too tight, to prevent the girdle from being visible under your clothes. Flowing cuts and mid-weight fabrics are particularly suited to hiding the girdle while highlighting your slim silhouette.
  5. Layering Clothing: Use layering techniques to hide the shapewear and create a seamless silhouette. For example, wear a tank top or light shirt under a sweater or jacket to hide the contours of the girdle.


Choosing the ideal shapewear for a flat stomach depends on your personal goals and preferences. Whether you opt for a special neoprene weight loss model or a rubber sculpting sheath, it is essential to use the slimming sheath correctly to optimize its use. Remember that the girdle is just one tool among others and cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet or an active lifestyle. By combining these elements, you will be able to effectively work towards a flat stomach and a harmonious figure.

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