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Cycling with a lumbar belt: tips and tricks

Cycling with a lumbar belt: tips and tricks

Cycling is an excellent way to stay in shape, enjoy the great outdoors and preserve your health. However, for some people with back pain, this activity can be uncomfortable or even painful. Fortunately, there are solutions to continue cycling while taking care of your back, in particular through the use of a lumbar belt. In this article, we explain how to cycle with a lumbar belt and what are the best practices to adopt.

Why use a lumbar belt for cycling?

The lumbar belt is an accessory that helps support the lumbar region when practicing different activities, including cycling. It indeed offers several advantages:

  • It relieves pain: the lumbar belt exerts pressure on the painful area, which helps reduce the sensations of pain felt during exercise.
  • It maintains posture: by providing support to the lower back muscles, it helps maintain correct posture and thus avoids bad positions which can accentuate pain.
  • It prevents injuries: by strengthening muscle support, it protects the spine and reduces the risk of injury or aggravation of existing pain.

How to choose your lumbar belt for cycling?

There are different types of lumbar belts on the market, here are some tips for choosing the lumbar belt that will suit you:

  • Size: make sure the belt is your size, neither too big nor too small. A poorly fitted belt will not be effective and may even cause additional inconvenience.
  • The level of support: depending on your needs, it may be necessary to choose a belt offering more or less support. Adjustable models generally allow you to adapt the compression level according to needs.
  • Comfort: prefer belts made of breathable materials that are pleasant to wear. Some models also have padding for even more comfort.

How to cycle with a lumbar belt: tips and tricks

Correctly position the lumbar belt

For the lumbar belt to be effective, it is essential to position it correctly on your back. Here's how to do it:

  1. Place the belt around your waist, at hip level.
  2. Adjust it so that it exerts sufficient but comfortable pressure on the lumbar region.
  3. Make sure the belt is centered and supports your back evenly. It may be helpful to ask someone to help you with this step.

Adopt a correct posture on the bike

In addition to wearing a lumbar belt, it is important to adopt good posture when cycling. Here are a few tips :

  • Adjust the height of the saddle: a saddle that is too high or too low can force the back into an uncomfortable position and increase pain. The ideal height is where your leg is slightly bent when the foot is at bottom dead center.
  • Opt for a suitable handlebar: handlebars that are too low or too far away require you to lean your torso forward excessively and put more strain on the lumbar area. Choose a handlebar higher and/or closer to your bust to relieve your back.
  • Keep your abdominals contracted: this helps strengthen core stability and avoids excessive pressure on the spine.

Warming up and stretching: essential actions

To prevent pain and fully enjoy your bike ride with a lumbar belt, don't forget to warm up before pedaling and stretch after exercise:

  • Before cycling: perform a few warm-up exercises, such as trunk rotations or side bends to prepare your back muscles for the effort.
  • After cycling: stretch gently, including leaning forwards and leaning towards the ground to relax the muscles used during the activity.

By following these tips and tricks, cycling with a lumbar belt becomes a real pleasure, without pain or discomfort. So don't hesitate any longer and get on your bike to enjoy the benefits of this activity on your health and morale!

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