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The lumbar belt in horse riding: an essential ally for the rider

The lumbar belt in horse riding: an essential ally for the rider

Back pain is a common problem among riders , and the lumbar belt in horse riding can be an effective solution to prevent and relieve this pain. In this article, we will discuss the different types of lumbar belts available in the market, their benefits and how to use them correctly.

Why use a lumbar belt when riding?

Horse riding is a sport that puts a lot of strain on the spine, particularly in the lower back. The horse's movements add to the rider's physical efforts, which can cause muscle tension and chronic pain. Using a lumbar belt helps reduce fatigue and protect the rider's back while improving their posture and comfort while practicing their favorite sport.

Spinal support and stabilization

The main function of a lumbar belt is to provide support to the spine and maintain good posture. In fact, it acts as a second column by wrapping the lumbar area and providing additional support to the back muscles. This helps to better distribute loads and limit excessive movements of the spine, thus contributing to the prevention and relief of lower back pain.

Improved blood circulation

Wearing a lumbar belt while riding also promotes better blood circulation in the lumbar region. In fact, it exerts light pressure on the back muscles, which helps increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. This action also improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, thus promoting their recovery after exercise.

How to choose the right riding lumbar belt?

To know how to choose the lumbar belt that suits you best, it is your duty to take into account several criteria:

  • Comfort: Make sure the belt is comfortable to wear and does not restrict your movements while riding. To do this, choose models that are adjustable and made from breathable materials.
  • Support: depending on your needs, opt for a belt with light, medium or strong support. Riders suffering from chronic pain can particularly turn to models with back support.
  • Practicality: choose a belt that is easy to put on and adjust, preferably with hook-and-loop fasteners to make it easier to use.
  • Size: Measure your waistline at hip level to determine the correct size for your lumbar belt. The models are generally available in several sizes to adapt to all body types.

How to use your lumbar belt correctly?

To take full advantage of the benefits of a lumbar belt when riding , it is essential to use it correctly:

  1. Placement: Place the belt around your waist, ensuring that it wraps well around the lumbar region. The lower part should be at the level of the sacrum and the upper part just below the ribs.
  2. Fit: Tighten the belt so that it fits snugly but does not excessively compress the abdominal area. The level of tightening must be comfortable and allow you to maintain good posture without hindering breathing.
  3. Duration: to prevent pain, it is recommended to wear the lumbar belt during the entire riding session. However, if you only want to use it during certain phases of practice, feel free to adjust it according to your needs.
  4. Maintenance: remember to wash your lumbar belt regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure its effectiveness and longevity.

In conclusion, the lumbar belt in horse riding is a useful accessory for preventing and relieving back pain in riders. By choosing the model suited to your needs and using it correctly, you will be able to fully enjoy your passion while preserving the health of your back.

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