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Which Shaping Jumpsuit to Choose in 2023

Which Shaping Jumpsuit to Choose in 2023

The criteria for selecting a shaping suit

In general, before making a choice to buy a shaping suit we base ourselves on several criteria which can be conscious if you are looking for a particular function or unconscious if you just rely on your tastes.

Compression level

The shaping capacity of this type of underwear can vary from one brand to another, style, the size you take etc... Therefore the ideal is to try several brands in order to see how their shaping combinations adapt to your body shape and see what level of pressure it applies to you.

Below are the different types of compression offered by these accessories:

  1. Lightweight: Slightly refines your silhouette but above all remains very pleasant to wear, like a second skin, you will have the impression of wearing nothing.
  2. Medium: In our opinion, this is the best compromise for sculpting your body while maintaining enough comfort to be able to wear the suit for a whole day.
  3. Strong: Generally we reach this level when you choose a size too small. We do not recommend this practice because it is very unpleasant to wear and can cause ants because the blood circulates less well.

Materials and comfort

  • Breathable fabrics: The big advantage of a breathable fabric is that it does not retain bad odors; this fabric technology also has the advantage of reducing the feeling of hot flashes.
  • Elasticity and flexibility: This is an important criterion for an effective shaping suit. Indeed, it must be elastic and flexible to perfectly match the shape of your body and apply the compression which will sculpt your body.

Design and aesthetics

For this criterion everything will depend on your tastes! But it is still important to inform you that there are several cuts, several colors with or without patterns.

Choosing a shapewear suit with the right size

Importance of choosing the correct size

When you plan to buy underwear, choosing the right size is crucial because this is what will determine your comfort and well-being throughout the day. The same goes for the shaping suit, although its role is to shape you, this type of accessory must still be comfortable to wear.

How to measure yourself to determine your size

To determine your shapewear size, you will need to take some body measurements. Take a tape measure and place it at the level of the navel to determine your waist measurement.

Make sure you take these measurements while standing straight and keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor.

Using Manufacturers’ Size Guides

For this type of accessory, the distributor has the duty to provide you with a size guide (on our site you will find it under the product description), because each brand offers different dimensions for a given size and you know it all. like me, there is nothing more annoying than ordering and receiving a product that is too big or too small...

The best brands of shapewear

Presentation of leading brands

Several brands have established themselves in the field of shaping suits thanks to the quality and popularity of their products. Among the most famous, we find Spanx, Maidenform, Miraclesuit, Triumph and the Form Belt brand. These brands have been able to gain the trust of consumers thanks to innovation, the quality of their materials and the diversity of their product ranges. Today, there are alternative solutions to the slimming sheath.

Advantages and disadvantages of each brand

Brand Benefits Disadvantages
Spanx Innovation and diversity of models High prices
Maidenform Comfort and adaptability Less durability for some models
Miracle suit Immediate slimming effect Less comfortable for daily use
Triumph Elegance and comfort Higher cost
Form Belt Excellent value for money and good compression Simplistic style
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