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How Long to Keep an Abdominal Belt After Operation

How Long to Keep an Abdominal Belt After Operation

Duration of wearing the abdominal restraint belt depending on the type of operation

Abdominoplasty and liposuction

After a tummy tuck or liposuction, it is generally recommended to wear a medical abdominal binder for 4 to 6 weeks . The exact duration will depend on individual healing and the surgeon's recommendations. During the first weeks, the post-operative support belt should be worn almost constantly, except when showering or washing. Gradually, wear time may be reduced based on improved healing and patient comfort.

Hernia repair (umbilical hernia, incisional hernia, inguinal hernia etc.)

For hernia repair, the length of time to keep an abdominal brace generally varies between 2 and 6 weeks , depending on the complexity of the operation, the patient's recovery and the surgeon's recommendations. The belt helps support the operated area and prevent postoperative complications, such as recurrence of the hernia.

Caesarean section

After a cesarean section, it is recommended to wear a post-cesarean abdominal belt for approximately 4 to 6 weeks . The belt helps support weakened abdominal muscles, reduce swelling and promote wound healing. Wearing the belt must be adapted according to the patient's comfort and the doctor's recommendations. It is important not to tighten the belt too much to avoid excessive compression of the operated area.

Bariatric surgery (obesity surgery)

After bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, wearing an abdominal brace may be recommended for 4 to 6 weeks . The precise duration will depend on the surgeon's advice and the patient's healing rate. The abdominal belt helps support the abdominal muscles during healing and reduce discomfort from movement.

Digestive surgery (appendectomy, colectomy etc.)

The length of time to put on a medical sheath after digestive surgery varies depending on the specific procedure and the patient's individual situation. In general, use can be recommended for a period of 2 to 6 weeks . The surgeon will provide specific advice on wear duration and modalities based on the procedure performed and the patient's recovery.

The surgeon's recommendations for the duration of wearing the post-operative abdominal restraint belt

The surgeon's recommendations are crucial in determining the exact wear time of the abdominal belt. Each surgical procedure is unique, and doctors tailor their advice based on the complexity of the operation, the patient's medical history and potential risks. It is essential to follow the surgeon's instructions to ensure optimal healing and prevent complications. To go further, we invite you to click on the following underlined texts to discover our:

Tips for properly cleaning an abdominal belt .

Tips for properly putting on an abdominal restraint belt .

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